Electronic collaboration with the DICO Standard

DICO is not software. It is a set of agreements supported by the EPR software packages in the construction and technology sectors and with which you can exchange electronic messages with your customers and suppliers.

Over 4,000 manufacturers, retailers, housing corporations and construction, maintenance and installation companies are a member of Ketenstandaard and make use of the DICO Standard to exchange orders, receipts, invoices, product information, article data, plannings and maintenance orders via the ERP packages from one of the 130 affiliated software providers.

How can you participate?

You will need a GLN address code and a DICO license, in order to make use of the DICO Standard. To cover the management costs incurred by Ketenstandaard, you will be charged a (limited) yearly fee for your membership. The total amount is dependant upon the revenue of your company. Those with the broadest shoulders should bear the greatest burden. Smaller companies with a revenue below 1 million euros a year can make use of the standard free of charge after having signed up.

Member Contribution*

Revenue category in millions € < 1 1-5** 5-11 11-22 22-45 45-100 100-250 250-500 500-1.000 1.000-2.000 < 2.000
Contribution first year, including the one-off entrance fee* € 0 € 392 € 1.049 € 1.457 € 1.917 € 2.688 € 3.158 € 4.740 € 6.501 € 8.367 € 9.144
Yearly contribution, as of the second year € 0 € 383 € 821 € 1.093 € 1.400 € 1.914 € 2.227 € 3.282 € 4.456 € 5.700 € 6.218

*If the agreement is concluded during the calendar year, the contribution shall be calculated proportionally to the remainder of the year.
** DICO members with a revenue between 1 and 5 million do not owe a contribution for the first six months of the membership, starting from the date of signing up.r rato berekend.

GLN Adress Code

In order to send electronic data as per the DICO Standard, you will need a globally unique GLN Address Code. This is an unique 13-digit number that identifies your company location in all electronic documents. This number is automatically recorded in the DICO Address Registry, in which thousands of addresses from the Dutch construction and technology sectors can be found.

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    Revenue category: The total amount of revenue of the entire company, including subsidiaries and operating companies, invoiced from third parties in the construction and technology sectors in the year preceding the previous year, where it is irrelevant whether the revenue has been realised through the use of the standards. Ketenstandaard retains the right to send an additional invoice for the entire year of contribution, if it is proven that the revenue category has been specified incorrectly.

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    About Stichting Ketenstandaard Bouw en Techniek

    The DICO Standard has been developed and is managed by Stichting Ketenstandaard Bouw en Techniek, a foundation that has been developing standards with and for the entire construction and technology sector in a neutral and independent way for more than 20 years.